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    Custom Templates For Only $25

    Hello surfers,
    I am sure you have all seen me around, and if you have not let me introduce myself.

    My name is Craig Sparks, I am a 21 year old, self-employed website developer. My previous company name was Interseen, but due reasons beyond my control, the domain was taken at expiration. So I had to change my companies name to Biovelocity in order to protect myself and my customers.

    I have recently been re-designing the companies site, when I realized that my portfolio was majorly outdated.

    I am going to offer custom templates for a low price of $25(non-coded), for a limited time. This promotion is to help me build up my portfolio for when our site launches.

    If you need your template sliced and coded, I will do that for only $10 more.

    I will discontiue this promotion, if/when I get too many orders.

    If you would like a custom template, then it is very important you e-mail me the following:

    [list=a][*]Your company name[*]Your name[*]Site colors(a general idea ie. blue or dark colors will work)[*]Any sites in which you like the design[*]Description of what your company does[*]What you style if any preference[/list=a]

    All payments will be made via paypal after the completion of the job.

    Some links to previous work(As I said, my portfolio is very outdated as I have been not doing much work online lately)
    -ABW Financial(
    -Biovelocity( This is my site, and it is currently still under construction, but you get an idea with the design.

    All template requests should be emailed to: [email protected]

    I would like to think you for this opportunity, and thank you for reading my post.

    Craig Sparks
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