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    Singapore Hosting vs U.S. Hosting

    Hopefully, someone here can help me. We are looking at hosting for sites all over the world. The current need is in Southeast Asia (e.g. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, etc.).

    In doing research it appears that many of the big players eBay, Microsoft, Amazon (except for Yahoo) host their web sites out of the U.S. and so I suppose that there is a very good reason for this. I came to this conclusion by doing tracerts on their international sites.

    Our IT guy in Singapore is pushing to use Pacific Internet in Singapore to host the application. He went to a site that does tracerts and pings from other countries (www webpromo-inc com/tr/) to gather his information on access speeds. He was pinging servermatrix ( in the U.S. and Pacific Internet ( in Singapore and he got the following results.

    avg ping time to SIN avg ping time to US

    From Singapore 20 300
    From Malaysia 50 250
    From Thailand 500 1400
    From HongKong 50 280
    From Japan 120 200
    From Taiwan 250 201

    In doing research, it appears that Singapore has a very good infrastructure (one of the best in the world). Everything points to the fact that hosting for Asia would be best served in Singapore, but that raises the issue of why these large players are hosting it out of the U.S.

    Am I wrong in my conclusions that Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay are hosting out of the U.S.? If I am not wrong, does anyone have any ideas of why they are not utilizing Singapore for hosting when the access times from these Asian locations to Singapore seem to be much better than from these countries to the U.S.?

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    probably because the (east) asian countries are more likely to have a high-bandwidth line to the US rather than a high-bandwidth line to Singapore..

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    Hong Kong has different type of services, they do not every limit the bandwidth you used but you will be being capped if you overused in their mind that will affect other clients.

    Local bandwidth is simply free, and the fastest I can get for ping from HK to USA (thePlanet), 220ms. I get this result only if you have a dedicated bandwidth with any HK datacenter.

    =) But very expensive $$$

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    I doubt that huge corporation such as Microsoft host exclusively outside of the US. In getting close to their global clients they replicate their site contents around the world. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Well, for one, those companies you listed are based in US, so their needs is best served by hosting where they can managed their infrastructure easily.

    Cost is also lower in US.

    On top of that, they need to balance their needs. Asia is a small market for them. Their main customer base are in US and possibly Europe both which US locations will serve them much better.

    In general, the closer you are to the source, the better your ping times will be due to the lower distance the packets need to travel. Not always true but generally yes.

    When you add everything up, it will make sense. Lastly the pings will vary greatly depending on where you ping from. So I wouldn't place that much trust on it alone without more testing.

    If your needs are *purely* in Asia, by all means. Go ahead and select an Asian ISP.
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    Microsoft owns its own datacenters, has its own deals with backbone providers, so its kind of a diffrent game. but besides that, like sprintserve said, its about the ping times. When the dot com i work for looked for a new datacenter, they looked for one in the ceneter of the US, because of the cross section of backbones that come into that state, so it had the best ping times from the east and west coast. I think majority of the bigger dot coms mentality is like that.

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    Microsofts has their mirror server in Hong Kong one datacenter....which is called HKNET... Australia bandwidth not bad at all, i can boost it like 600kb/s and USA more than 500kb/s with multithreading.

    Freebsd has their mirror server in Hong Kong too, called New World Datacenter, Overseas bandwidth is APPALLING, i am in Australia, with multithreading, i get only 8kb/s


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    I think other than Hong Kong, the best alternative in Asia side should be Singapore. Connection in Singapore basically divided into 3 types. Local Singapore One connection which is a fast network linking nearly 100% of Singapore. Local Internet connection which refers to bandwidth not linked to Singapore One and International traffic. Local connection is superb, but international connection go thru STIX and Starhub Interexchange normally. And is very expensive, I think about 1 T1 line cost US$2000/mth

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    I think Japan have the best network in Asia. Hong Kong and Singapore is good, but they both have too little international bandwidth.

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