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    Layouts For Sale

    Hey. I'm new here, just registered yesterday. And would like to post what I am selling. I don't want to get way into all of the explaining. But lets put it this way, you will get PSD, fonts, and maybe the right to resell. And it will be exclusive. I dont have the direct links, but they are here:


    if that doesnt work, then please copy and paste this into your browser,


    and then go there. When it loads type /fluous after it, and then navigate your way to the premiums. Thanks. And the Red Orb, is a vb skin, uncoded, so I can sell that to a coder or to someone that would like to make it into a site. Thanks.

    (Prices discussed in AIM or MSN)

    (replace xx with tt)(www and com)

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    Hey, i have been working all day to achieve these effects. I have done the whole thing, mind you the layer style. And now I have come to you at to do two things.

    1. I need a buyer for this.
    2. I will need a price quote on what you think this would cost.

    I was hoping to get more then $100, because I recently did a much less work job for $75. Please help me out as much as you can.

    Here is what you will get:

    PSD File, style included.
    Fonts, I know there are none, but I will throw in a couple.
    Exclusive, you, and only you. (Maybe rights to resell.)
    If there was anything I forgot remind me.

    Payment will be made via Paypal.
    We can discuss the sale/prices through AIM, or MSN.

    Please take this into consideration and have a nice day.

    (Current Buyer is at $75, and still deciding if I should sell.)

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