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    damned adsl traffic server - can i get around it

    hey guys

    i connect through telefonica's adsl conenction, and they have a good awfull cache traffic server which is now causing me to not be able to visit my own sites (and a few others), the sites are running fine, i can visit them through an anonymous service ( but through this i can't interact with my site as "post" is disabled.
    So, is there a way i can go through a proxy server to connect to the net? ofcourse without buggering up my adsl connection


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    Well if they are running a transparent proxy server on port 80 then there's nothing you can do, unless you started apache on a port other than 80. But if you did that you would probably violate some stealth rule in the TOS.

    If it's just your browser configured to use the proxy server then you could probably disable it.
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    drats, yeah they're running a proxy server, buggers!!

    and they just started something called "loopback" which i'm not sure what it does yet?

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