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    Question Nameserver domain name

    Hello, everyone,

    First off all let me apologize if this question has been answered before.

    I'd like to know if a nameserver domain name, for instance,, is something more than a A Record pointing to the IP of the namerserver.

    I know that when I want to have using the nameservers and I have to ask my registrar to register and as nameservers, before I can use them. But suppose uses and as nameservers, can I simply create two A records for and and use them as nameservers for other domains?

    I hope my question makes some sense to you :-S



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    The reason you need to register nameservers with your registrar is so the root servers can provide "glue" (in other words, if you have delegated to and, the .com servers need to serve A records for ns1 and ns2, so that resolvers know where they are). If you don't register and, then registrars won't let you delegate domains to them. That being said, there's no technical reason that this is necessary (although it takes less work to perform a query if the root servers are providing glue records containing your nameservers).

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    I see. Thanks for your reply, dan_erat!

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