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    ASP.NET with Dreamweaver MX

    I need to work on a site that is coded in ASP.NET/VB. I have Dreamweaver MX, which will handle it. I can connect but I can't see the "server" portions of the site, just boxes on the screen. To see that content, some Microsoft SDK's need to be installed.
    However, Macromedia only provides a link to a Microsoft site with about 30 SDK's, including "core" and others. It appears that most of the Microsoft installs are for installing a local server. I do not want to install a local server, I want to access a remote one.

    Can someone tell me EXACTLY (by file name) what I need to install to view a remote site in Dreamweaver MX?

    The site I want to access is running IIS, version 5.

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