Dialup Internet Access can be sold to a MUCH larger target market than hosting! Everyone with a computer is a potential customer for you which is not the case with hosting. With the launch of the new dialup acceleration (we offer Propel) you can acquire dialup customers at 10 15 times the rate of hosting customers.

Why limit yourself to hosting?

Sell dialup then upsell a percentage of your customers to hosting and design services.

There are FAR fewer companies competing for dialup Internet access than there are for hosting. AND There are far more customers that will buy dialup than will buy hosting this year!

Think about it.


Put your business hat on for a minute and take your computer geek hat off for at least a minute.

What I mean is, just because you would rather eat a box of rocks before using dialup.. Does not mean that the majority of the world feels like you.. In fact, the average Joe spends very little time on the Internet and will NEVER spend $40 or $50 a month for Broadband. Many still can't get broadband etc.. The majority of the Internet users still use dialup and will for years to come.

Have a look at our site and see why MANY have chosen to look at the business side of this and realized what an opportunity it is.

Remember not to build your business around just what you like but rather build it around what will sell to the most people possible. Example: Dialup Internet Access