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    * webfusion so slow!!!

    They had to reboot one of the shared servers yesterday and since when my BB is running so slowly it's virtually impossible to use. I've reported it to them twice and they keep telling me everything's ok. Any ideas? I've checked my speed test results which are ok and I'm not having any problem accessing any other sites.

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    What is your url? Maybe some of us can take a look and let you know how it loads for us.

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    Thanks OKIHost,


    But it seems to have returned to full speed now!

    Thanks for your offer I'll let you know if it happens again.

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    its working fine here too
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    Could somebody give it a quick try now please as it's doing it again.

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    No good..... not loading.
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    Thanks for testing it.

    It's working again now. This is weird.

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    WebFusion / 123Reg are / were currently experiencing some issues with their DNS servers.

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