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Thread: DNS Bouncing

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    DNS Bouncing

    I transferred a domain from host1 to host2, on Wednesday. About 20 hours later, the index.html started coming from host2, but I couldn't download Email A few hours later, host2 was handling the email, too. Wonderful, domain transferred.

    Now it's about 40 hours after the transfer, and the index.html from host1 is being used again. Why does the DNS system "bounce" between old and new hosts? Why the instability?

    I recognize there's a delay before DNS changes occur, but I don't understand why the changes aren't permanent. Any pointers would be appreciated.

    And any pointers on getting really quick DNS changes implemented would be appreciated!

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    wait 72 hours before it is completely resolved. Different servers update at different times. DNS can be weird sometimes. (maybe there is an 's' at the end.. i forget) may offer some insight.

    check your domain from web proxies and see what they show such as

    I would say just give it time atm. Once 72 hours is up, then I would think something is wrong.
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