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    domains stopped working without www.

    Since earlier today when someone adds a domain as an addon domain in a cPanel system - it will not display the page using

    However, if you use:

    it works fine.

    I've checked the httpd.conf and it's right. I checked /etc/named
    /etc/thatotherdomains one I can't remember
    and /etc/trueuserdomains *which addon domains don't go to anyway*

    So - I tried searching for info here and cPanel forums. but I must not be a good searcher or it's not been well covered...

    Anyone know what may have caused the domains to stop working?

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    Just to be safe, sure your httpd.conf has something like this in it, under your domain:


    Otherwise..hmph, anyone else have a suggestion?
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    ping make sure it is pointing to the servers address.
    check httpd.conf to see if it is serving that domain on that ip.
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    Well here's the error message the person is getting. And it's not working fine with the www.

    Turns out that when adding that - it's actually just pointing to the main domain. So it acts as a parked domain.

    Addon Domain Additions

    could not be modified because it does not resolve to a valid ip address. Please ask the system admin to check their resolv.conf and their dns trust relationship Ignore any messages of success this can only result in failure!
    Nameserver ips for are:,
    Created DNS entry for
    Setup Mail forward ->
    Setup OK
    Adding httpd.conf entry for to point to has been setup. It can be accessed via the subdomain / FTP access has been granted with the username /addondomain and the password ********
    *yes I checked the resolv.conf *

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