Frozen Web Hosting is looking for new sales reps that know the web hosting market and community, and are willing to do what it takes to recruit new web hosting customers (plus various services). Here is the commission pay we are willing to offer:

First Month (after sign-up): 50% cut
Months After: 10% continual

You will receive 50% of the first month's fees, and the months following you will receive 10% of their monthly fee until their stop their service.

If anyone posts here I would like some information about why you think you'd be committed to the task, your knowledge of the web hosting field, and basically anything else that would make us want to hire you.

Thank you in advance for any posts.

Sales reps cannot earn commission off dedicated servers, those perecents would make us lose money on each server.

Best Regards,
Elliot B.

CEO & Founder
Frozen Web Hosting