I'm accepting banners or text links on the frontpage of http://www.musicmademe.com

Banners should be around 450x80... a bit bigger or smaller is fine. Text links are 255 characters or less.

9-10,000 hits daily, 5-6,000 uniques.
Verify stats: http://extremetracking.com/open;sum?login=musicmde

$20 through PayPal for two weeks (14 days). That'll give you a total of 70,000 unique views to your banner or link.

I don't do rotating ads, only one ad for their paid time in the order I receive them... so your ad will be the only one on the page, never rotated out, and placed just below the "Upcoming Releases" link on the frontpage, centered.

Email: webmaster (at) musicmademe (dot) com
AIM: Kali Sweethog (going to bed in just a minute, but I'll be online all day tomorrow)
ICQ: 16307319 (same deal as with AIM)
...or just reply here.

I'll place ads in the order I receive the payments. So if three people pay, I'll place the first ad for 14 days, then the second for 14 days, then the third for 14 days. As of this posting, there is nobody waiting to be placed on there, so the first payment gets their ad up tomorrow.