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    Dedicated Server slow down?

    My Celeron 1.7 with 512 ram is slowing down for some reason in an unexpected way. My main.php which does have a bunch of SSI calls is slowing downs TONS, while my forum is running blazing fast still, which seems kind of counter intuitive.

    my url is:

    the forum is at:

    any hints on how to diagnose what is causing the main.php to slow down so much? i do know it's a big file, especially with the dhtml and all the SSI calls factored in, but it's slow when there are like 2-3 people logged onto the site, not just when i have 20-30 people logged in.

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    Try to find out where the bottleneck is.

    If you are good at reading source code you can try to analyze the main.php yourself.

    Another way is too first look at what exactly is your bottleneck by looking at your resourcel. Log in via SSH and take a look at the output of the top command - CPU? memory?

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    Is your script optimized to run with Zend Optimizer? If it is, is it installed on your server? You could get about 25-40% speed boost.

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    How can I find out if I have Zend Optimizer installed?

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    You will need to create a PHP INFO file.




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