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    Suggestions For A New Reseller?

    Any general suggestions or resources I could use? If anyone would like to chat with me on AIM that would be great, or you can hit me up with an e-mail. I also have a question. If I have so much bandwidth a much I can use, how far should I oversell it? I don't want to get a screwed with a huge bill, but I don't want to have a ton of extra either. I want to make every customer and GB of bandwidth count!

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    I would say first thing you need to do is understand your current needs, and your rate of change if any. Then consider this when you look at plans. If you have some sites right now, review their statistics or log files if you can to get an idea
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    A Host Maybe?

    Well you are first going to need a host........and obviosly if you are worried about bandwidth get one that allows you to limit individual accounts to a predetermined bandwidth "cap".

    I personally just entered the web hosting business not too long ago....with as my host. I got there basic reseller package ( and it was the best 60$ i've spent this past year. They do have support, they do answer, and yes, they do have the knowledge it takes to fix stuff. I've been very impressed with the price/features-supprt ratio. Thus, if you are in the market for a small and cheap host that will get your feet off the group I recommend (and you can cap bandwidth limits *FYI).

    Last night I actually invested another year into them by upgrading my account....I even discussed options with the owner of 24hostingnow himself (very nice guy BTW). So yea, they definetly have the human/computer thing figured out....

    Thanks, just my rant.....

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