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    need opinions on this idea/site

    i made this site ( after i had a hard time looking for a good deal on a dedicated server. its similar to **************, but deals with only dedicated and colocation. plus, all communication is done via my server, eliminating the chance of getting spam.

    im wondering what you all think about this. is this a good or bad idea. what would you add/delete? the site is completely free, for both sides. i made the site cuase i had some extra server space and i figured i wasnt the only one having trouble finding a deal.

    thanks for your comments

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    Nice idea. I like the simple layout. May want to consider adding a text link at the bottom back to the homepage though.

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    thanks for the comments. right now, the main image links back to the startpage. however, i think im follow your advice and eventually add a link at the bottom.

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