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    3rd Party merchant solution that is not TOO expensive? HELP

    Hello all. I'm setting up a website for a client who wants to sell online. I've been doing websites for a while now, but I've never done e-commerce, nor did I really care to. So I was looking around and found the Yahoo Merchant Solutions which sounded like a good service as they handled EVERYTHING and it would be flexible and could be integrated with the design I'm working on. HOWEVER, the guy who owns the business says that the 1.5% transaction fee is too much, and from what I've read on this forum, most people seem to agree that Yahoo is too expensive.

    SO, now I've got to find another solution. He is going to be selling lots of different items, with a variety of sizes of each item. I would REALLY rather have a third party solution that handles everything. The only other problem that I've seen is that some of the ones I've looked at are usually template based and not very customizable (which I can deal with if I have to, although I'd rather have control of the design), and some tend to be more expensive. I think he would be willing to pay more than Yahoo monthly, he just doesn't want the transaction fees.

    He does have an account already set up at (anybody heard of them? doesn't look very powerful to me), but I think it won't be expandable to what he wants to do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! I think I got in a little over my head on this one :p

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