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    Need a coder who can code a few things into my site


    I am looking for a coder who is willing to make some apps for my site. The site is but is currently being redesigned by me and should be done in the next few weeks

    I will design the whole site and then send the code the site and have him code whatver he needs done and would like if not to much trouble a control panel for all this...

    Reviews Section - where its easy to post a review and allow users to submit reviews where all I do is login and approve them

    NEWS SECTION - A place where published news goes and allow users to submit news and me jjust having to approve them to go on the news section (Also show the latest 3 news on front page)

    MULTIMEDIA SECTION - where I can easly go in and change differnt songs etc without having to create an html sheet all over

    ARTIST COMMENTARY - Kind of like a review section but where they leave their view on an artist adn rate them

    And a few other things

    If you can do this I cant pay much just like 10 dollars but what I can offer is a lifetime banner placemnt on top of the page FOR LIFE (468 X 48 banner) on and lifetime placement on new site being made should be up by end of april as well as the new site design for Also at the bottom of I will put coded by your company

    If your interested please let me know

    AIM: lokodezine or lokobreed
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    OR PM or reply here


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    no need to hire somebody bro.
    Check out LDU. It will handle everything for free!
    enjoy. Keep your 10 bucks =D

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    What is LDU? If you mean the CMS, I dont want that... if you look at the site now its phpnuke and tired of all the problems and I want the site to have a unique design and fell, I am almost done with the design just need someone to help code

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    I suppose I could do it then.

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    Shredder 18 could you really do this for me??

    If you could I would be so thankful and give you free banner advertisment on and for a lifetime... Each banner would be the 468 x 48 size and also
    I will put coded by your site or company at the bottom of the site

    Do you have any Instant Messangers?

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    Wow that sounds neat-0
    shredder112233 = AIM

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