I run a server for my company, and we have extra bandwidth and space that are "collecting dust". So, we are selling off the excess space for one dollar a month for five hundred megabytes of bandwidth and fifty megabytes of space.

We don't oversell... it's not in our best interest. Overselling would slow down our main business. We also try to maximize uptime, since any downtime would affect our very own web sites located on the same server. Many people often ask us "How are you making a profit?!". We don't. We're just trying to cover some of the cost of running a server. Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]. Our packages are perfect for small business startups.

We offer what everyone else offer:
- CGI-bin
- Perl
- Free cPanel 8
- Unlimited mySQL databases
- Unlimited POP3 E-mail accounts
- Unlimted FTP accounts
- etc...

So visit us at http://www.ExpandGrowth.com

Thanks for reading! Subscribe now, for space is limited (We don't oversell)