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    Music/Radio streaming & marketplace


    I've just completed a spec for a client that is looking great, and we're going into the development phase.

    We are going to add a 'music on demand' type feature that we want to resemble a little docking music player/selector that will launch when a link is clicked.....

    This would then enable a visitor to the site to pick from a selection of music, and then listen to it while they seamlessly continue surfing the rest of the site.

    We then, also want it to be possible to link the 'music station' through to a marketplace area either in-house or a third party music vendor....

    I've contacted Real-Networks and had a chat with a guy from there, which would cost about $8000 and need a server and stuff, which is not totally out of the question, and am also waiting to hear from Musicmatch....

    I was wondering if anyone here might have any suggestions as to how, or who this can be done by....

    I vision that it could link to a catalog or shopping area- or even if a big company like Amazom might have a shopping cart that we can integrate into our clients site, to make purchasing music seem like it's all in-house when actually we're just affiliated to it.

    Ideally we would like to combine the music experience with an income stream, but having the music feature could come first, and then we could look for musicians with the rights that might want to get air time through us?? plenty of options and a great idea I think....

    Any thoughts?

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    There is another thread I think on this forum about streaming - what would be the most popular. Real player lost out. I would look around some more like you are doing. Windows has their streaming server as well which I think comes automatically with Windows 2003 server.

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