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    Any cheap colocations in Toronto or Montreal?

    I am looking for a colocation in Toronto or Montreal. I found one for $250/month CAD (190 USD) with 10 Mb connection and unlimited transfers GB. Is this reasonable if not does anyone know of any others?

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    That's unreasonably cheap, that pricing we couldn't even hit on US land let alone you're up in Canada. It could be 10mbps share across an array of customer though, so be careful.

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    Re: Any cheap colocations in Toronto or Montreal?

    This is without a doubt a provider hoping you won't use all the 10Mbits connection, so expect it to be saturated. For dedicated (non-oversold) bandwidth we're talking $300-700 CAD per Mbit on low volume commit in Canada.
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    This is no such thing as cheap BW in canada.

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