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    Web page "Catchall"?

    OK, I have an old domain name which is in a lot of search engines.
    It is just a personal site but it's nice that if you search my name Google returns my old site as number one.

    There are also some other well-linked articles that are returned near the top.

    I have initially been creating a redirect on each of these main pages - so somebody uses Google and finds some of my pages, they click the link and are then told to wait a few seconds before being transfered to the same page on my new domain/personal site.

    This has been my setup for a while now, however I'd like to start closing the old site down and use it purely for e-mail.
    Ideally I'd love the following to happen:

    If anybody searched and gets a return that links to any page on my site and clicks it they actually hit the one and only page on my old domain which then tells them they will be redirected to the home page for my new site.
    I guess in essence this is like a "catchall" whereby it doesn't matter what appears after in the URL they use they will always hit

    I have CPANEL access to my old domain if that makes any kind of difference at all.


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    One cheap way to do it is to use a .htaccess file and setup a special 404 page for this domain.

    For example, in your root directory, you place a "closed.html" page containing whatever you want, and a ".htaccess" file containing this:

    ErrorDocument 404 /closed.html

    Thus, ANY page will result in a 404, displaying your custom 404.

    This is not the best method, but it's quick and dirty

    Better solutions would be to use mod_rewrite, but I'll leave that to the others.

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