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    Eastern person.... WAY east...

    I just got an email from a guy apparently asking for a reseller account, a better deal than his current host. He is not from this country lol, and I'm not sure where. Here's the message:

    I am looking for to be a reseller and contacting hosting ... to find out the good deal good customer service ... I got deal from one of Linux server , and I buy from them 20GB+50GB Bandwidth for 5/5 year $300 and they offer me $1000 to be adding sealing .... space unlimited for that price and they offer me another way to pay them payment , is when ever I sale I pay them to finish the amount for $1150! so do have any good deal batter then him , so we can working together ... !

    By the way I'm living in US Kansas city !

    Thank you for potion!

    Can anyone help me translate this? I think he means he has 5 years of hosting with a linux host for either $300 or $1000...and wants a better deal?

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    why bother? I wouldn't want a customer like that anyways.

    Just reply and say "sorry we can't".

    You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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    I like to help people out, and try to bring in every possible sale

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    As long as you're polite, there's no harm replying asking him to clarify certain aspects of that message. I know if I wasn't able to speak fluently in a language, I definitely wouldn't expect people to always understand me, and I wouldn't have a problem rewordings things to make them clearer.

    Give it a shot, it can't hurt.

    Edit: With regards to those last two messages, that is another valid point. If you do hook this customer, be aware that you're going to be asking for constant clarification with every support inquery.

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    WOW... We just got the same exact email.
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    Something isn't right about that email, I cant place it though. Remember if you make a custom plan for him he will usually tell others who want a custom plan. I always try and stick to our set plans.

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    Custom plans are not a problem with me. They are hard to track but that's it. Whatever makes the customers happy, right.

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    Originally posted by CPQIS
    Custom plans are not a problem with me. They are hard to track but that's it. Whatever makes the customers happy, right.
    I would read some older threads on this matter. The general consensus is that as long as the custom plan fits your buisness plan and does not harm your ability to serve other customers then it is not a big deal. If you find yourself bending over backward for each custom plan and you are not following profit margins from your buisness plan, then it is not worth it in the end. Obviously, to each their own.
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