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    Exclamation New Business | Help Needed

    I have all the CPU's, Bandwidth, and space. All I need is a partner. Profits of course are 50/50 and all work can be done through SSH

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    A partner for what? What sort of business is this?

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    I advise you be a bit more elaborative and professional shredder18.

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    I sent you an e-mail. Again Please Elaborate.
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    I'm sorry. I didn't know I would get such a good response to this. Obviously this would be a hosting company. Exactly what would be hosted is unknown. (Games, VPS, Dedicated, etc...). I have all the hardware, and supplies. That is not a problem. The partner would need to build teh business from ground up. From policys to billing. Of course I will help out equally. I know a great deal of PHP, C, UNIX, including MySQL, Apache, etc...

    Hopefully some people will still be interested! Thanks

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    Going into business with someone you just met on a forum ??? sheesh things just get worse!
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