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    Multinational Site

    We are looking for a hosting facility to host our e-commerce solution. I have come to a conclusion that I will need a dedicated server and I have a few questions that I believe this forum will be able to answer.

    1. We will be hosting the e-commerce application for our subsidiaries in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and a number of other Asian countries and we intend on moving in to Europe and South America. Does anyone have experience in the comparison of speed to access a hosting facility in the U.S. from these countries versus accessing a host in Singapore from these Asian countries? Does the difference in the infrastructure at a U.S. facility compared to the infrastructure at an Asian facility make up for the time that it will take to traverse the ocean?

    2. Does anyone have a breakdown of averages that can be supported by different hardware configurations? For example, what is the number of hits/day or hits per hour would a P4 2.4 GHz computer with 512 MB of RAM be able to handle vs. one with 1 GB of RAM or dual processors? I realize that the design of the site and the speed of the database have a huge impact, but in terms of benchmarking comparing the the same site on different configurations, how would it change load capacity?

    3. Our current site is in ColdFusion using SQL Server as the database. In order to get these sites up and running, we will be copying the site and changing the text to support the different companies and so each site will be unique and have a unique database. We are also in the process of doing a redesign from the ground up to centralize the site and database, but be able to support all of the countries and their independent needs. Would it be better to host using a shared database or would it be better to get a separate dedicated server to house the SQL Server? Has anyone figured out the break-even point between leasing the SQL Server license versus buying it outright? I know with many places, the ColdFusion license has a break-even point of 6-9 months.

    Thank you in advance for help in my search for the "perfect" hosting facility for our application.[I]

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    In my point of view you need a facility with good tier 1 providers if you want a good global visibility. You can expect about 10/12ms for each 1000km.
    If you want to host Coldfusion and SQL Server you have to forget about 512Mo but get a good box with 2Go and it's really better to separate run SQL from a separate box.
    Buying or leasing depends on your financial plans ...

    If it can help we are shortly offering european dedicated servers with multiple tier1 providers

    We can imagine 1 server in 2 or 3 different locations so that your site get the best visibility and also you could get failover
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