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    Targeted and untargeted website traffic

    Hey everybody-

    This is my first post in the advertising section, so here goes!
    I'm promoting my business that sells internet traffic, both targeted and untargeted. The name of the business is Reliable Traffic, and our website's url is One of the best features of our service is price. We are able to offer inexpensive but quality traffic because we have so much of it. Here is what the basic price list looks like from the website:

    10,000 visitors - $20
    15,000 visitors - $30
    20,000 visitors - $35
    30,000 visitors - $55
    50,000 visitors - $80

    10,000 visitors - $30
    15,000 visitors - $45
    20,000 visitors - $55
    25,000 visitors - $65
    50,000 visitors - $110

    Those are the prices for regular clients. We offer many different ways to get discounted traffic. The best way to get a good deal on traffic is to order large quantities of it. We can sell more for less. We also offer discounts for returning customers, and customers who recommend other people to us.

    I think that the best part about our service is the customer support and customer relationship. We try to become close with our customers so that they can give us feedback about our service, and we can improve it for them.

    If you are interested in purchasing traffic but would like to talk with a current client, I would be happy to give you a client's email address (if the client is OK with that).

    It might also interest you to know that we are currently offering 10% discounts for anybody that has heard about us through This discount applies for all regular plans. Discounts will vary for custom plans.

    We can do custom orders also. The largest order we've had was for 250,000 untargeted visitors. We can do orders for less than 10,000 visitors, but the prices won't be so great.

    I would be happy to answer any questions about our service through posts or PMs. I will answer all of your questions honestly. I think it would be great to have clients from WHT, as most, if not all, of the people on the board are serious about what they do. I really hope to hear back from you all!

    I should mention that targeted traffic won't be available until April 1st, 2004, because we are upgrading our services. Untargeted traffic is still available.

    Kind Regards,
    Max Feinstein

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    I am in the process of making a sale right now with somebody from WHT. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that and get some feedback for you all to see. I know that helps.

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    yeah i would love to see some feedback on this. Sounds interesting.

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    I have just received feedback from a client, but it's on another forum unfortunately. I will show you what he said, but there's obviously no way for me to verify it. I can give you his AIM screen name if you'd like to talk with him (with his permission obviously). Here's what he had to say:

    Hey Everyone,

    I would like to commend maxf on his great service, since using it I have experienced an increase of over 15$ in my google adsense account

    So a big thank you to Reliable Traffic with his targeted traffic service

    I will be a returning customer!
    My name is maxf on the forum that this was posted on. My name is Max F., and my name is Massimo in Italian, just in case you're wondering where my name comes from.

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    very nice offer

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    The traffic is there. See below image, notice the large jump after the service started after 5:00 PM PST.

    Now the trick is to get the users to stop dieing out on the 1st page.
    Primal Blue Software, Inc.

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    how do you provide traffic? i will be looking for redirect traffic, nothing like popunders or overs
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    I'm sorry, but we only provide popunders and banners, not redirect traffic.

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