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    Java code needs checking!!

    Could someone fill in the gaps in the attached code or suggest a different way to go about it.
    i have tried to find an simular applet on the internet but have not found any that is simular to mine.
    as you have probably have guessed im fairly new to this programming game!

    thanks for your time.
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    What is it you are trying to do? By default an applet will not be allowed to read or write to the local file system. What do you want your memberUI.loadRecord() and memberUI.saveRecord() methods to do?

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    member1[] mem=new member1[100];//not sure this is correct!!

    ---- member1[] mem=new member1(100);

    FileReader in = new FileReader("in_filename");
    FileWriter out = new FileWriter("out_filename");

    You will need to construct a file format so you know how exactly to read it and write it.

    As stdunbar said, an applet cannot write/read files to/from a local file system unless you have some type of certificate. You can write to the server without any certificate.

    Go read the java . sun . com documents

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    The attachment file is missing so we couldn't trace out your problem. So send your problem with attachment again.

    Expecting soon your reply so that we can favor you with better solutions.



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