Hello all. I have been following alot of posts recently on what control panel software to purchase for my newly developed webhosting business. Since this is a small venture cPanel, Plesk and others are ruled out due to cost so for now I am looking for something that can offer the main features of setting up various plans, offering clients usable interfaces with features that can allow them to be productive, efficiently.

Anyway in my search I found Ikonware and DirectAdmin. I first found Ikonware about 2 months ago and was reviewing the demo and talking with support personnel regarding it's features. It does seem to be pretty feature complete for it's price but then I found earlier the long discussion regarding it's coding and potential security problems so now I am heavily reconsidering that option for DirectAdmin.

Is there anyone here that uses Ikonware? Is there anyone that has had problems with it and what is the general public's consensus of using Ikonware? Directadmin looks very good as well and I'm waiting to hear back from Mark regarding questions I had about it.

Thoughts.. comments... suggestions?