LiteSpeed¡¯s Free Professional License giveaway

Are your web servers over taxed and breaking down due to increasing traffic growth? Are there options to your problems other than upgrading the hardware?

In the perfect world, hardware upgrades are only necessary when all software optimizations have been performed. However, with high performance web server software licenses, like those offered by Zeus, costing upwards of thousands per machine, it is often much more desirable and economical to purchase additional hardware.

Not everyone is a Fortune 1000 company with the cash flow to spend thousands on just software licenses. For the rest us, LiteSpeed Web Server is here to fill the void and offers the best balance between enterprise level performance and affordability.

Today, we are offering LiteSpeed Server 1.3.1, with performance, reliability, and scalability, matching or exceeding that of our competition at a price of only $399 (Pro Edition). Free Standard Edition and 30 day trials to our commercial lineup are also immediately available for download.

Moreover, in an effort to introduce our product to the web hosting community, we are currently offering Free Professional Edition license to qualified applicants. Please read on for details on the special introductory offer.

About LiteSpeed web server:

LiteSpeed web server is a full-featured high performance, secure HTTP server specifically engineered from the ground up with security and scalability in mind. When it comes to performance, LiteSpeed will match and in many cases, exceed our competition.

Our lab testing shows that LiteSpeed is up to 5 times faster than Apache when serving static content, matching that of TUX and 50% faster than mod_php when serving PHP scripts. LiteSpeed has the ability to double or triple your web server capacity with existing hardware. Please visit our benchmark results for details.

LiteSpeed is memory efficient. With a single threaded, single process, and a highly I/O efficient event driven design, it only take a few megabytes of ram for LiteSpeed to serve thousands of concurrent clients translating into more critical memory for backend data layer such as databases.

Without scalability, raw performance is pointless. LiteSpeed has fine-grained control over resource consumption which minimizes flash flood type server overload and keep the servers running during severe loads.

LiteSpeed¡¯s built-in security is not an afterthought but by design from the first line of code. With chroot jail, IP level bandwidth throttling, connection accounting, strict HTTP request checking, and URL context filtering, DoS effects are minimized and the application backend is properly fenced away from the HTTP request layer reducing vulnerability.

Ease of use is often a lost artifact valued little in many of today¡¯s web server products. LiteSpeed is created to satisfy the most demanding customers from both a performance and a management point of view. Installation is a simple prompted process with our binary installer. Not only are there no manual configuration required for PHP, but a PHP opcode cache of your choice can be installed automatically to provide highest possible PHP performance. Administration is just as simple with our clean web admin interface.

LiteSpeed Web server is more than a web server. LiteSpeed is also real-world tested high performance content accelerator, compression proxy, and application security gateway leveraged by its highly scalable, low latency proxy engine.

For more information, please visit our web site

Benefits Summary:

When you switch to LiteSpeed from the competition, you will see a drop in server load, cpu utilization, memory usage, and an overall significant increase in server throughput. Your web site will no longer suffer from traffic surges and the capacity your current web server hardware could be multiplied by many factors without additional hardware investment.

Target Audience:

Heavy traffic web sites with millions hits per day, serving huge amount of static (files/images) or dynamic (PHP/JSP/MySQL/PosgreSQL/Oracle) content. For smaller web sites, please download and use our Standard Edition (Freeware) instead.

How to apply to for a FREE Professional Edition License?

Apply a trial license and download the distribution package from our web site. Install and test it on your web site see whether it fits your needs. If there is any missing feature you need, please let us know. If are you happy with the results in a production environment, and we bet you will, reply to this post to request your free license with detail information about your site in terms of traffic volume, site urls, and your feedbacks if any. If privacy is an issue, please contact us directly at info (at)

Please note that only large site will be qualified for this free license offer and in your application please include any details you can provide to verify the size of your website.

LiteSpeed¡¯s Free Professional License giveaway is a limited quantity and limited time offer and will be processed on a first come first serve basis.