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    New to dedicated servers -- got a TranXact server, what next?

    Ok, so I got my server, and it's up and running. I'm used to the world of shared servers (with DNS already setup and such), so I'm not sure what first step to take from here. I'm transferring over 6 accounts (sites) from dathorn to my TranxAct server -- and I'm not sure where to start.

    I need:

    DNS server (run my own?)
    To install webmin (put in a support ticket about this; I'm not sure if they install webmin or if I'm supposed to)

    I've been looking around on TranxAct's forums and site for any info, but haven't found it yet.

    Any advice?


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    I was wondering if you have considered getting a server admin?
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    I've actually admin'd servers before (debian server that I had at work), and I do have an admin for this job, so I guess I'm coming off as more of a newbie than I actually am. The only thing I haven't had to do in the past was be responsible for my own DNS entries -- that's what I'm most unsure of right now.

    I could install webmin right now without issues (already have the RPM for it) but didn't know if it was supposed to be part of the package or not, or if we're on our own completely once we get the root password).


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    That depends if you bought a managed server or not. If it's not a managed server then you're on your own

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    tranxact servers are managed to some degree
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    If you wanna managed by your self but still not too capable, you can visit You'll find basic tips for server management.

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