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    Reselling Legal Questions

    I am thinking about reselling. One of my potential clients says he will "write off" his hosting expenses since the site will be for his company.

    So he will need invoices. If I start out using PayPal for payment, what should I do about my Business name.

    Should I refer to the hosting company that I am actually reselling from in my name.

    For example: myreseller / My Reseller Inc.

    I guess what I am getting at is, since I am starting out reselling rather than getting my own server right now, I don't have to get business licenses do I?

    If my customers get audited for any reason, my reseller is really the company that should be on the invoices somewhere right?

    Thanks for any comments. I'm in South Carolina by the way.

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    Depending on your local community you may technically need a business license. You will definatly need to file taxes for this income as crnc said.

    The invoice should have your name on it not the company you are reselling for.

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    Really, the only advice I would suggest going off of is that of an attorney. While there are some knowledeable persons here, its generally not good policy to trust the opinions of those that arent certified to give them, especially when its your livelyhood on the line.

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    Contact an attorney and an accountant for the best information on this, as it is location specific. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with the IRS.


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