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    Business Name, Invoices, Reselling

    I am thinking about reselling. One of my potential clients says he will "write off" his hosting expenses since the site will be for his company.

    So he will need invoices. If I start out using PayPal for payment, what should I do about my Business name.

    Should I refer to the hosting company that I am actually reselling from in my name.

    For example: myreseller / My Reseller Inc.

    I guess what I am getting at is, since I am starting out reselling rather than getting my own server right now, I don't have to get business licenses do I?

    If my customers get audited for any reason, my reseller is really the company that should be on the invoices somewhere right?

    Thanks for any comments.

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    You are the actual person doing the business with your customer. You will need to invoice your client - not your web host. PayPal would just be the payment processor in this case.
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    Just because you are reselling doesn't mean you aren't running a real business- you are.

    Everything should be in your name.

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    Though I agree with the previous posters - it is your responsibility to provide invoices...

    Your customer can most def print off the paypal transaction record and use that as an invoice for their tax return.

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    As good a solution as any, if you're not using invoicing software, is an excel spreadsheet.

    You can also, as Andrew pointed out, use the transaction record and/or printable packing slip as record of payment.

    There's many good invoicing solutions out there that can automate this process for you, or alternatively, as previously suggested, create a XLS doc/PDF Doc/HTML doc template that can be edited in a matter of minutes.

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