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    Question What's wrong with hostsave?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm glad I found this great forum. Anyways, I'm pretty new to the world of hosting.

    My question is, what is wrong with hostsave? I see alot of people asking questions about many differnt hosting companies and when I go to check them out, none of their rates are as competitive as hostsave's.

    In case you guys don't know, here is what hostsave offers for $7.95 /month:

    1000 MB Disk Space
    100 GB/month Data Transfer
    500 Email Accounts
    MySQL Database
    cgi, php 4, perl 5

    This is much better than anything else I could find. With these sort of features at that price, I'm wondering why everybody just doesn't sign up with hostsave.

    Am I missing something here? What's the catch with hostsave? Bad customer support?

    I tried doing a search on hostsave but couldn't find any dirt on them.

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    First of all, NEVER go with a host based on price alone. At those rates and for what you're getting, I would expect a VERY overcrowded server, probably with 300-500 other accounts.

    A good rule of thumb is a buck a gig for transfer. Try to stay along those lines, and you'll generally find a good host that'll be around for more than a few months. Otherwise, we'll see you back here in a couple months, complaining about HostSave.
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    Funny, these guys just confirm my little Sig. Now we are at 100 GBs for $7.95/mo.

    OK, do I hear 125? 125? Going once, going twice. SOLD! 125 GBs to the next rediculously overselling - overseller host.

    Honestly. What is the difference bewteen 100 GBs for $7.95/mo and unlimited. Both lies in my opinion. They both will pull the resource issue Trump card.

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    So what you're saying is that they oversubscribe and put too many accounts on 1 server?

    In terms of practice, what effect will this have on my hosted page? Will it be significantly slower than one that isn't overcrowded?

    Hostsave seems like a large company so I would think that they have the resources to support they're offers.

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    Hostsave have recently increased their quotas from very minimal to extreme.

    Might be a hard transition for them, who knows. We just have to see.
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    I was with HostSave for about a year. Their CS is AWFUL. PERIOD! Didn't have access to my cp for 6 months, they promised to get it fixed and it never happened. I finally quit them and a year later I got a Collection notice trying to collect for all the months AFTER I quit their service. After a quick call to my lawyer this problem was immediately fixed. The past few months they have been spamming my email asking me to join up again!!!

    STAY AWAY! Thay are not legit!

    Can you tell I'm pissed

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    Originally posted by luffy82
    So what you're saying is that they oversubscribe and put too many accounts on 1 server?

    In terms of practice, what effect will this have on my hosted page? Will it be significantly slower than one that isn't overcrowded?

    Hostsave seems like a large company so I would think that they have the resources to support they're offers.
    Just because a company is "large" doesn't mean the shared server can stretch to support excessive bandwidth. Every server is a machine that has limitations. This could potentially slow down the performance of the server, sometimes even to the point of no response from your web site or email. It wouldn't be economical for a company to sell accounts for a few bucks/month and only put a couple of them on the server. They would be operating in the red.

    Just take some of these people's advices and don't base your entire decision on the lowest price.
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    Price should be the last criterion IMHO. What's the point of paying less if you don't get what you pay for? First find a few hosts with happy customers. Then see if they provide the features that you need. Ask them questions. Test the support if possible. Then and only then think about the price.

    I feel it's better to pay $20 and get what you were promised than paying $7 and get almost nothing in return.

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    Demed that price seems good for such an offer but it can't stay as good as it looks like. Me personnally would never go with such a host, the offer itself already looks like a small fraud. You can always try it out off course & check the expiernce for yourself.

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    You will get the hefty bill saying that you were over used the bandwidth.

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    Lack of knowledge among some customers is one of the causes of recent trends in marketing web hosting. I get lots of sales enquiries saying something like " ..., but they give me for times the traffic you're offering for a fifth the price....".

    This makes some hosts to get tempted and give customers what they wan to see.

    I know it's wrong and a good host should never be driven by unaware customers, but that's what's happening in the beginner market.

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    Wow, you guys are way off. Anyone that has used HostSave's service before has seen that there account path starts with "/nfs". This is for one reason, and that is because HostSave runs on a clustered enviornment. All files are stored on a central fileserver and pages are accessed from a cluster of web servers around the files server.

    I have multiple domains on HostSave and a few of them have had 10k+ hits per month. I have never had a problem with the servers and because of their load balancing, I never will.

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    This original post sounds more like a sly attempt at an advertisement!

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    You really want to know what's wrong with HostSave. They are owned by Affinity Internet, Inc - ENOUGH SAID.

    About 2 years ago I used Winsave (another Affinity brand) and man that was a mistake. Support takes forever to respond.

    Do not be fooled by an inexpensive host selling mass amounts of disk space, bandwidth and emails. They truly are overselling their services and making the hosting industry look taudry and cheap.

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