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    URL cloaking or something similiar


    I have a domain with hosting but when someone comes to my site I want to have it go to another website. I MUST keep my url in the address bar. I dont really want to use frames.

    Can it be done at DNS level or something. I want mail that comes to my domain to stay on my domain. Its just the website tha I want to change

    Thanks in advance

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    Some registrar's have an option for this. Check with your registrar, they may be able to help you out.

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    Hi, Not this is an internation domain so isnt like the .com where you get nice little control areas

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    Let's say that you want to make go to In the Apache config on's web server (assuming you're using Apache), add "ServerAlias" to the VirtualHost block. Make sure that the MX records for contain something like, rather than just, and then update the and A records so they point to the same IP address as

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    Is it possible to do that through WHM ?

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    Sorry, I don't know.

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