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    Looking for Host with Mailing Lists

    I already have a domain, but I have not decided on which web hosting service to get.

    I am looking for a web hosting service that can offer the usual basic service (100 MB or so of web space and 5 GB or so of bandwidth per month; e-mail, FTP, etc.) but with at least two mailing lists included (hopefully, mailing list features where I can archive old messages).

    I'd also like a service that will make the site unavailable in the event that I exceed my bandwidth so that I can choose to buy more bandwidth or upgrade instead of being charged automatically for additional costs.

    My budget is around $3 to $8 a month.

    I've been visiting sites like CNet and Web Hosting Magazine, but many of the services featured do not indicate how many mailing lists are offered with the plan. (They usually offer only one.) I'd like to ask each service about the mailing lists, but it's possible a member of this forum already avails of such features.

    If you know of such a service, please let me know. Thank you very much for the help.

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    To start you off, try the following link;

    On a related note, many webhosting companies allow you to install your own preferred mailing list software and run several (more than 1) mailing lists from a single account.

    Your best bet is to email them to confirm this. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    You will find that on most control panels, mailing lists are included. The majority of users use mailman which is a free mailing list tool.
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