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    Exclamation - no ping nothing!

    Hi all,

    anybody know what has happened to I cannot seem to access their pages. or their sites.

    If there is any light anyone can shed on this issue then I will greatly appreciate it.

    Kind Regards


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    Jan 2004
    No problem here, I am able to access the site from here.

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    Well I have asked people here in the UK and no joyu


    I and my friends all based around the UK are not able to access



    radarjammer can i ask where you are from and if you can check if the above URL's work in your area/country please?

    I really do not know what is going on here!


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    ALL's WELL in the state of Hamlet

    Hi all.

    I dunno what went on yesterday here in the UK but noone here was able to access the site!

    I asked friends all round this country to try and none of them could get access.

    It seems like it got fixed whatever "it" was and therefore I am relatively happy! I just hope it don't happen again!

    imi - over and out.

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