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    Question about domain expiry

    Hello all

    Just want to ask a quick question, hopefully someone here can tell me.

    Iíve noticed that a domain has expired of which I want to purchase, itís expiry date was 26th January 2004 (which has past). However, when I look at the whois information on the domain the status of it is in REDEMPTIONPERIOD. Iíve looked up what it says about this period and it mentions that the domain is back in public domain purchase after 30 days, however, this isnít the case as itís now March 11th, more than a month past this date.

    Is there any way I can purchase this domain now, or is there any way of telling when this domain will be out of REDEMPTIONPERIOD and be available for me to purchase it?

    Note: I donít want to use any website that says I can back order it for $xx.xx


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    Looky here

    Just to let you know if it is a good name or has traffic that your chances of catching over back-order services are zero.

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    Thank you, acts873 . Found the necessary information I was looking for.

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