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    Change of registrant and expiration date changes?


    I bought a domain from someone and for the change of registrant an authorization key was used.
    a. I received this key from [email protected]
    b. had to create an account at using
    c. and then entered the authorization key

    Until then no problems. But a few things are not clear to me:
    1. according to the whois info, the expiration date is: 03-sep-2004, but the registrar where I had to enter my authorization key shows me 09-mar-2004 as expiration date? Is this normal?

    2. do I have to renew this domain with them or I can I transfer the domain without problems to

    3. will the expiration date be prolounged with 1 year, counting from 03-sep-2004, weither I stay with or move to namecheap?

    4. my intention was to have as registrar.
    -Now I think I sticked with and I think I have to renew there?
    -Did I choose the wrong procedure? Should I have had to initiate the domain transfer from namecheap and waiting the old registrant to approve the transfer?

    I know there are many questions here, but I really would appreciate some help here.


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    1- is the domain locked?
    2- you can transfer anywhere, for best check try for the exact expire date.
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    Originally posted by Bashar
    1- is the domain locked?
    2- you can transfer anywhere, for best check try for the exact expire date.
    1. domain is not locked
    2. according to internic, expire date is 9 sep 2004

    So, it seems that all my problems are solved. What happend?
    1. showed the date in format mm-dd-yyyy (09-03-2004), which I find very uncommon. Pure coincidence, domain was transfered on 9-march-2004 But I didn't realize this at that very moment.
    2. whois information was updated in the meanwhile. So I can transfer the domain without problem.


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    That's why you are a Genius

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