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    * advice/experience

    We are developing asp webs for our client who host his website at It is still hosted on “Win NT 4.0 and IIS4” There was no problem till now and suddenly there are lot of ASP Script Timeout errors every now ant then on different pages.
    When client contacted the support he received reply something like below.
    “our engineers have tested ASP on this server and can confirm that
    there are no issues with the processing speed of it, therefore the only suggestion left is that it is due to the scripting of the site.”
    “if you require further assistance please contact our dedicated
    Scripting support department on ***-******. Please note that this is a premium rate number charged at #1 per minute.”

    The script in question is attached here with. (Not in question but I had seen the error while browsing the site on these two pages)

    Could some one from their past experience or their reputation let me know how are they? The client might deny us the payment since he says there is problem in our scripting where as we are ready to host these sites on our server for his testing.

    So I need feedback about the hosting company and comment on our code if seems faulty or might cause problem to server.

    Many thanks
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    Fasthosts use quite low script and cgi timeouts to enable them to maximise the number of accounts per server so this does not surprise me.
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    On an initial glance, your code looks fine. Can you send me, or post the data connection strings, if any, and any other info? Where are you attempting to upload to? What errors do you receive and what info is in the IIS logs for the site when the script "times out"?

    While I have seen some ASP and .Net applications that are a bear to configure correctly in IIS, Your script looks like no problem. BTW, I do prefer IIS 6 and I believe that it does provide a much nicer engine and model for serving Web pages, including isolating apps within their own application pool, isolating and tuning the worker processes, Web gardening, etc.

    Good luck w/ your issue.

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    Hello Allen

    Thanks for you post the connecting string is

    Dim path, dbCon
    Set dbCon = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    dbCon.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="& path & ";Persist Security Info=False"

    Error is 'ASP 0113' Script timed out on filename1.asp in above attached text file. after a while on filename2.asp

    Yeah i too prefer IIS6
    since iis4 doent support server.execute

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    I used to have loads of problems like these. CDONT 'anomolies' and scripts 'turning themselves off mysteriously' were the bane of my reseller account. Eventually everything was fixed - I moved host!

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