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    Targeted Visitors

    Endless Visitors sends visitors to your website using expired domain name redirects as well as full-page pop-under windows.

    $1.75/1,000 Untargeted visitors (MIN. 1,000)
    $3.50/1,000 Geographically and topic-related visitors (MIN. 5,000)

    Your targeted visitor campaign can be capped to show only a certain number of visitors per day, in order to spread your campaign over a length of time. All visitors are 24HR unique, meaning the same visitor won't see your site within a 24HR time frame. You can target your site worldwide/US and into one of 20 categories. If you decide to change your campaign's URL or category, just send the information to me and i'll change it for you.

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    Site down?

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    How are sites displayed? In normal or popup window?

    Also, site works now.

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    Yes, the site was down for about 10 mins or so.

    Your site will be displayed in a full-screen pop-under window.

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    Interested, what forms of payment do you accept (looking for cc, or paypal).

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    I accept PayPal payments, and as you probably already know you can use major credit cards through PayPal.

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    Onced I am signed up is there a limit on how long that one campaign purchase can last. (ex. 500 hits a day but having a total purchase amount of 50000)

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    If you sign up for a targeted campaign, you can put a cap on the amount of visitors delivered per day. So, if you purchased 50,000 visitors, and your cap was set at 1,000 a day, your campaign would last for 50 days.

    Untargeted campaigns do not allow for a cap setting, and are delivered within 30 days.

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    Thanks for your replies I will be signing up today.

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