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    Thumbs up Sprintserve all the way!

    Our hosting provider / data center had a major issue and after a downtime of almost 48hours, we had to move all our accounts out.

    We only knew about this company via a forum recommendation and in the short 1 week of dealing with CM/Sprintserve, their service / professionalism and speed of support replies has certainly impressed us.

    Sprintserve helped to move all the accounts out into their servers TWICE so that we would minimise on data lost during the sync.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

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    The thread is a year old but you can be forgiven this time.
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    Shen: Glad you are happy

    Laurence, he only has 4 posts so give him a break. He's probably still new here.
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    Sprintserve is definitely a good host.

    Glad that you enjoyed your stay with them.

    BTW, no bashing yet probably that's because you don't need anybody to "fake" things out

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