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    howto restore to another account

    Hi all,

    What I'm wanting to do is take a full backup of a site, and then restore it to another account on the same server. As I think the full backup also backups the username/password how can I restore it to a different username... I need to transfer mysql, forums etc so just copying the files over is not an option.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you're hoping this is a feature of WHM you're out of luck because it's not

    I would do it this way:

    1. create the new account in whm
    2. cp the public_html data over from /home/old_user/public_html to /home/new_user/public_html
    3. change the ownership on these copied files to new_user
    4. do a mysqldump of the database
    5. create the new database in the cpanel of new_user
    6. populate the new db from the mysqldump you just did
    7. alter the db login details in scripts config files
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