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    securing cpanel server ?

    Hi Friends,

    Can all of you share you expereience about how tosecure a cpanel server from different things, with ut compromising on the performance of the server..

    Problem i have faced is

    1. Installing MailScanner on the server is delaying the delivery of the mail by a couple of hrs..

    2. To set the server to NO relay.

    3. am not sure how to secure my Apache and Proftpd


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    Here is the easy but not the best way but it will work

    here are some in your scripts folder




    ./easyapache (phpsuexec recommended)

    there is a APF how to on WHT

    chrootkit how to

    set server to email you whenever there is a root login (howto available as well)

    disable direct root login

    keep kernals up2date (you can use redhat's up2date)

    and monitor logs and do some routine maintenance work.
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    Originally posted by VapoRub
    do some routine maintenance work.
    What would routine work consist of?

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    Security updates like kernels.

    keep kernals up2date (you can use redhat's up2date)
    just remember EOL for 8.0 and below, and 9.0 is i april meaning up2date wont work any more.


    i have seen some problems with that and chmods not allowing some scripts to work.

    Secure your compilers aswell.
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