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    Partitioning advise

    I could use some expert partition advise.

    I have a red hat 9.0 , on a p4 3.02ghz, 1g ram with 2 hard drives.

    The 1st hard drive is 160gb
    The 2nd hard drive is 200gb

    The basic partition for direct admin c panel is

    /boot 40 meg
    /dev/shm 2 x memory
    / rest of drive

    Do i set this on the 1st hard drive? Do i have the hard drives set backwards?

    I would like to use the other hard drive as a back up drive, so what would be my best partition for each hard drive to make direct admin sucessfully install and the system to run?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    that is not "HELP"

    I have been thru the search and find nothing like what I need.


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    are you going to install any thing such as cpanel/whm etc?
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    yes I'm going to set up direct admin c panel.

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