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    Multiple forums

    Are there any scripts out there that allow for automatic forum creation. I need a script like Any ideas? Maybe someone could help me code one? I would be coding it for a free webhost I work for, but I am sure if we got a team together we could make it a pretty popuplar script.

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    Aye, the sebflipper script is what you see in most multi-forum hosts now.

    From what I heard, there may be a few security issues (or perhaps it was in the past) to work out, but otherwise, it's a very nice concept that builds on IPB.

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    Speaking of IPB... How long have they charged for their software? I think I visited their site about a year ago and it was free (I may be mistaken). Now recently, I read about sebflipper on this site and was curious, so I had a look at it and IPB and was surprised to see it was no longer free. I seem to remember that it was one of their strong marketing points at the time..

    But I could just have it mixed up with another script.


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    IPB is free when you go threw the download proceedures you will see a tiny link - just click it .

    Go to >> >> "[ Free Trial Version Information ]" Link and away you go.

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    Yes, it's a free "unlimited trial version". if you use it, I'd pay for it just to support the developers though.
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    Oh I'm not into forums, but of course I'd pay if I used it. I can appreciate good software.

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    The problem with sebflipper is it charges beyond 30 users. I don't have the money right now. I know how to code somewhat but not an expert to create this by myself.

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