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    Lightbulb CDG COMMERCE Question ?

    Guys, please kindly let us know about the CDG COMMERCE, are they good enough .

    Also do they provide good services, and are they reliable ?

    As I am going to signup for there service to see how they are but I will appreciate if you please be so kind and let me know about your experience with them .

    Thank you and have a great day !!

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    Do a search there are alot of threads about CDGCommerce, I can recall however, every post i've ever seen about them has been positive.
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    Hi wcw-

    The feedback from CDGcommerce has been very positive - I dont think you can go wrong with that decision.

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    They are a great company with stellar support. You can't go wrong choosing them to provide you with Merchant Account services.

    Check out their own gateway as well, personally I think it far surpasses

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    Thats, great to hear ! Now I've signup for there services .

    Thank you all

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