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    Want to advertise on your gaming site


    I just started and I intend to promote it a bit. Its really a non-profit deal just for fun, but I can spend a little on advertising on gaming sites if you cut me a great deal.

    Let me know if you want to help out and how much etc.


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    nice site by the way. how much better is BFnam than BF1942?

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    Absolutely no stats - I put up the site about 15 minutes ago If I was unclear I want to advertise on other sites.. I'll be happy to put up ads, but its just starting now. Anyone wanting to make an account and help kickstart it are more than welcome of course !

    The game is coming out in 4 days or so, so I'll tell you more then. The previews are amazing and BF1942 kicked so much a$$ that I cant wait!

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    17 15$ a month

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    Please contact me jaali[at] (msn and/or email)
    or icq 121215859

    thank you look foward to hearing from you!

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    $12/month for Banner Rotation and a text link (great for search engine help) or 88x31 banner under affiliates at .

    We do custom maps once a month during our Friday Night Fights. You may have seen it promoted on Homer has been helping us promote the event.

    In addition to the links from, in the last month we have been featured on PlanetUnreal, PlanetDungeonSiege and BluesNews.

    We also have a BF Server, which will become a BFV server this weekend. In the next 2-3 weeks, we will be playing BFV and should have a very unique review. We plan on promoting it on the biggest BF sites around.

    Anywho, drop by the site and check it out and send me a PM or use the email link.

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