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    php problem... force dl on some files

    I recently upgraded php in my vps box, I had a few ruff points but finally got it all working, BUT I have a few problems that popd up....

    I whenever I view SOME .php files it gives me the download prompt saying the usual application/x-httpd-php stuff, and then I can download my source code... now naturally i goto google and see this is a common problem with a common fix, but that fix was already done for me... ( I have the apache httpd.conf all set up for php extensions and whatnot - i think ).

    a few details about the problem:

    it ONLY affects SOME index.php files and no other files...

    ie: does NOT work WORKS WORKS [sometimes] DOES NOT WORK [sometimes]

    and all the other usual .php files work...

    any help? i think its php 4.3.3

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    this is easy to solve. first, make sure php is enabled for the account. also, what control panel software are you using? (if any?)

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    its on cpanel, id think php is working since I can still post in the forums (after I break through the error), it seems to be just a few people affectd, but id rather not have a leak that lets all my scripts to be downloadable and unusable for a few people

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