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    Question Anyone knows why Urchin shows all 0

    I have RHEL3/WHM9CPanel9/Urchin 5.

    Why does everything show up as either 0 or flatlined graphs?

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    Login with your admin id, select configuration/run and schedule the update time.

    if you want it to update immediately, then click on Run Now button.

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    Sorry but I forgot to tell you that the http://yourip:9999 doesn't work also. It just shows a "No page to display" page.

    Anyone know's how to work around this problem?

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    hey, guys, any ideas?

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    Are you behind a firewall that does not allow you to connect to 9999? Is 9999 the port selected to install it on when you set it up ?

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    i finally got it running via the following:

    - found out urchin wasn't running so i went to ssh and started it.
    - tried to login with the instructions from my welcome email from servermatrix. didn't work. so i tried with the default login i found from the urchin website and it was good
    - found out that it's not licensed and when i tried to install the re-configured license which servermatrix should have installed, it asked me for a serial number which servermatrix did not give me.
    - i shutdown urchin again since i couldn't set the password to another until the license is installed.

    end of a bad story.

    i'll contact sm now to find out about the license which should have come free when i signed up with them.

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    SM is really great!

    I wrote to them to have my Urchin license activated and they did it within an hour.

    Great going, SM!

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