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    Domain Cloaker...

    Does anyone know a quick and dirty php script that would allow me to make like... and index.php page that would cause my domain to show something cloaked??? DO you get what im trying to say?

    I want

    to show up under and stay that way in the address bar... as opposed to simply forwarding to ?
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    You could probably do what you want with frames ...
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    yeah, 99% of the time it is done with HTML frames.

    if you really want to use PHP, you can
    <? include ' ' ?>
    but you probably want to make sure the cloaked page is not indexed by Google because they may punish for duplicate content.

    A third way is to exploit a flaw in Internet Explorer but that's not a good way to go because it won't always work.
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    sizzly... wont that php script just redirect, as opposed to keep in the address bar.

    Im not worried about google indexing it because i could care less if this site is in google or not. haha..

    As for frames, thats what I am trying to avoid...

    oh well.. i will see what happens
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    no, that php code just includes the other pages stuff into it, the address would be the same.
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