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    30 - wish I didn't.

    I back-ordered a domain name with around a month after it expired (discovered it by accident while bothering to read whois info).

    Went with because of the many nice reviews from this forum, " is the best", etc.

    Well, after got the domain, they notified me via email that I must enter my credit card info because of their new policy: All new users must now enter their credit card info or their account will be suspended. Fair enough.

    As expected, then notified me that my domain was now available, but because others were also interested, I should login to the auction. I can't help but wonder how "others" became so interested since I only ordered it with two weeks ago. I mean, how did they find out?!?!? And if they had their eye on this domain, why they didn't back-order it first.

    Nevertheless, I login and am happy to see that there are no other bidders. Whoopee, the domain is mine!!! 2 hours and 10 minutes to go. Okay, I've never done this before so maybe I'm naive, but I want to share my experience anyways.

    I cheerfully carry on with my daily chores, fantasizing about my new corporate identity for my new domain name. It was a great 2 hours.

    I then get an email from to inform me that I have been outbid by $10 and not to "miss out on the domain name I backordered! Click the link below to update my Maximum Bid now!"

    Gee thanks. I logged in again only to find out that the auction had ended and that the domain had sold for $775. When was that email coming? It never did.

    In sum, I may be inexperienced with this whole auction thing, but I have to say that I've had better experiences waiting for a domain name to drop and registering it myself, and this is coming from someone that has no knowledge of the process, methods, etc. Most of all, I can't shake this feeling that had I not ordered this domain with, there would have been no "others".

    What do you think? Am I just a sour loser or is there some truth to my suspicion?

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    with pool you are competing against anyone who backorders it. If the domain name if half decent every speculator who looks at drops probably has it on their list.

    You are rarely alone in the drops unless you are a very niche player or pick domains nobody else wants.

    Pool is the best at 'catching' them, but the price.... far beyond my pockets. A new feature at ENom's Club Drop is you can see how many other bidders there are. So some domains I see 2, some are closer to 100. Depending on quality, you will get more competitors and higher prices.

    as for your last comment about being 'no others,' that is just wrong. Those other bidders also had it on their pool list BEFORE the drop, as the auction is only open to people who had it on their list. So they would have won the domain regardless of your entry or not.
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    since the domain has been taken which one was it out of curiousity? I just want to know who paid $775 for what kind of domain?

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